The TEKS Companion Guide series is available for Grades 3-8 and Algebra 1. Each grade level contains mini-lessons that focus on the TEKS for that grade level or course and include a set of practice problems designed around a compact instructional plan with three components. The Tell Me More section contains a brief summary of the key ideas, concepts, and skills that are addressed in the target TEKS for that mini-lesson. The Examples section contains stepped-out examples that show students how to solve a problem that is based on the target TEKS. Example problems address the multiple components (and multiple representations) contained in each TEKS/SE. The Practice section contains problems that consist of a blend of constructed response and multiple choice questions that use the language students may expect to see on the STAAR® for that grade level. When possible, practice problems use griddable response questions so that students obtain practice using the grid that they will see on STAAR®.